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  YOUR CO-HOST   Friends' Central School serves 800 students in grades N-12 on two campuses (grades N-5 and 6-12) in Wynnewood, PA. The Forum will be held at the City Avenue Campus (serving grades 6-12) on 1101 City Avenue.


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Powerful Ways to Improve Critical Thinking & Writing w/ Nathan Levy, Educator & Author, Nathan Levy
Explore numerous, proven methods to reach and effectively challenge highly capable children with well-known author and educator Nathan Levy. Come away with a variety of new strategies and specific ideas to help learners become better creative and critical thinkers. Bring your thinking caps and your funny bones.
How to Assess Summer Enrichment Programs w/ Susan Kornick, Director of International Admissions, Summer Discovery
The selections seem infinite, as do the possible settings, purposes, and emphases. These are the wide assortment of summer enrichment programs all offering experiences that would provide your child with intellectual and emotional growth. But how would you look for a program that is best suited for your child’s needs and for your financial budget? More importantly, how might you assess the program’s suitability relative to the benefits that it may provide? Join in for a discussion that could enable you to contribute meaningfully to your child’s life.
Gifted/Talented Advocacy: When the Answer is "No" w/ Paulette V. Blowe, Founder, Educate Sum 1
You've met with your child's teachers. You've tried to meet with the principal. You're considering challenging the school board to get the accommodation your child needs. You are not optimistic. To be sure, there is no clear cut way for advocating on behalf of your gifted/talented child, or for yourself, if you are a gifted/talented learner. But, there are ways to help reduce barriers. Come gain an understanding of some advocacy protocols; become acquainted with the characteristics of effective programs and services for the gifted and talented. Obtain tools to become flexible in a seeming inflexible situation. And, even it you are just starting down the advocacy path, it is always good to be prepared.
10 Lessons for Dream College Ambitions w/ Sam Anderson, Teacher, C2 Education
The college admissions process - it has become increasingly complicated. From picking the right classes and selecting the appropriate standardized tests to maximizing the benefits of interviewing and creating the optimal personal essay ... need more be said? What is more is that admission into many colleges is beset with rising competition. Yet the path to "Harkness Hall" need not be so daunting. With appropriate planning, and effort, fulfillment can be attained. Join a discussion to discover how students of all ages can fully prepare for, and achieve, success when embarking on the road beyond high school.
Self-Directed Education w/ Joel Hammon, Co-Founder, Bucks Learning Cooperative
At its most basic level, self-directed education (SDE) has families and young people to take charge of their education – to attain knowledge and skills through activities and programs of their choice. The idea is to leverage a child's individual interests and strengths through a course of action that supports their academic, intellectual and personal growth. Of course, there is much more to SDE than simply giving a child the car keys to his/her educational experience. Understand how SDE works and see how it is being successfully applied. And see how you might apply SDE to generate greater learning capabilities either with your child's existing educational program, or through a program that is completely SDE driven.
DrawBots Arise! (grades 5-7) w/ Michael Darfler, Makerspace Director, Friends' Central School
Tip your mind to a new constitution, take a bow for a new revolution and try your hand at a new art expression. Without the firmness of your wrist or the clarity of your eye, but with your application of electronic circuitry and programming, make your robot (DrawBot, actually) create designs of unimaginable beauty. It’s a new way of doing art. So, pick up your Bot and play.
(grades 5-7, session limit: 20)
The Illusion of Animation (grades 6-12) w/ Eileen Smyth, Staff, Bucks Learning Cooperative
Nearly two centuries ago when clever scientifically-oriented people studied the concept of motion, it was discovered that movement could be represented by deceiving the brain through visualizing a sequence of static images. Two early animation devices, the thaumascope and zoetrope, were derived by incorporating the neurological, and illusionary, tendencies of the mind's eye. Now, you can craft your own animations - no drawing skills required - by constructing your own thaumascope and zoetrope. Experience how our brains can visualize a series of still images as a scene in motion. And, learn about the origins of animation and how animation's fundamental principles persist to this age of complex digital displays.
(grades 5-7, session limit: 20)