APRIL 15, 2018 - : Thank you families, presenters, exhibitors and Friends' Central School for a great day at the Philadelphia Educational Forum for Families. 
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The Educational Forums are a combination of talks and workshops where parents and students can explore pertinent educational concepts and processes and other topics that tickle the mind. These discussions and workshops provide considerable food for thought by people who are experts in their fields. Click on any of the past Forum links to find out what the Forums are all about.


And, there is no fee to attend - Forums are free of charge and open to parents and students who are intellectually curious and who appreciate the world of ideas. If there is a Forum near you, spread the word, reserve your spaces, then come widen your awareness and spark your imagination

The focus is on what is stimulating and informative. Artists/musicians conducting workshops, university faculty discussing Shakespeare, writing & ecology, educators lecturing on the influence of religion, the elegance of mathematics - these are examples of past offerings. There have been “practical” topics as well: college admissions officers talking about admission processes, counselors on study strategies, psychologists on stress, school administrators on local education policies …


There are also intriguing grade-specific activities covering a range of humanities, science and mathematical subjects just for students. However, students should be sure to check out and attend the presentations and not limit themselves to student activities alone. There are wonderful choices among both the talks and student workshops.


An exhibit area is set up to discover programs that ignite and nurture the curious mind as well as to tap the brains of those in the know on educational approaches and personal concerns.

Information on each Forum is updated continuously on this site. Directions, exhibitors, presentations, food vendors, programs and more will be posted online. Just click the appropriate Forum link.


Announcements will also be listed on our Facebook page so consider liking us (Scholar Search Associates) on Facebook to keep abreast of developments. Finally and importantly, registering for a Forum will enable us to keep you up to date on all happenings.

All who are excited about stretching minds and imaginations are welcome to come. You may choose to spend the whole day, or part of the day, with us. We, however, ask that you register for the Forum you wish to attend so we can gauge attendance levels and plan accordingly. Registering will also allow you to reserve slots for the Forum’s student sessions once the Forum program is posted.


Student-oriented activities are held in classrooms of limited size and reservations for these sessions may be needed to ensure spots. Reservations may close a few weeks prior to the Forum itself, but it has been our experience that many spaces remain, or become available, to accommodate those who attend.

Scholar Search has served the education community for over two decades initially representing independent schools and now an array of organizations, institutions, and programs that address the needs of motivated and intellectually curious students. We have worked with schools, gifted advocacy groups, counseling and tutoring centers, and summer and academic-year programs across America to help them reach those students who are most likely to benefit from their services and offerings. Our Forums have been developed to bring together institutions and programs that engage and support intellectually curious students with families who seek information about opportunities and approaches that will enable and sustain an excitement in learning.



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The Joys of Thinking Philosophically  - Fountain Valley School of CO
    Tacoma, WA  2013  (student session)
A Practical Map for the Road to College  - Options for College
    Baltimore, MD  2015  (presentation)
It's a Small World ... After All -  WorldSpeak Language Immersion School
    Los Angeles, CA  2015  (student session)
The Null Curriculum: The Most Important Lessons -  The Jewish High School of CT
    Stamford, CT  2016  (presentation)